Below is a listing of current solicitations for CHA. CHA May make available by this website copies of the complete project manual. If a complete copy of the project manual is not attached, project manuals may be obtained according to the instructions listed within the Invitation. CHA also post invitations for solicitations on the following sites:
Post & Courier
The Charleston Chronicle
South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO)
CHA makes complete project manuals, plans, drawings and specifications available at the following site (please note a nominal fee may be required): 
A & E Digital Plan Room Charleston, SC
The bid solicitations publicized on this web site are for purposes of sharing information with the public and may be subject to change by CHA. These solicitations do not commit the CHA to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of proposals submitted, or to procure or contract for the goods or services. CHA reserves the right to accept, reject or cancel in part, or in its entirety, offers received as a result of this request if deemed to be in the best interest of CHA. It is the responsibility of the bidder/Offeror to ensure that it has obtained all such changes by checking CHA website and/or contacting the Procurement/Contracts Office for any addenda.  Bids and/or proposals must be submitted according to the project specifications. 
Job 200303 - Invitation to Bid for Alterations to Williams Terrace
Job 200605 - Invitation to Bid for RFP Borrower's Counsel for Kiawah Homes Charleston, SC
Job 200410 - Addendum 001
Job 200303 - Addendum 002
Job 200303 - Addendum 001


Job 200401 - Bid Tabulation
Job 200402 - Bid Tabulation
Job 200403 - Bid Tabulation

Job 200401 - Intent to Award
Job 200402 - Intent to Award
Job 200403 - Intent to Award


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A message from our President/Chief Executive Officer:

The Housing Authority of the City of Charleston was born of action on December 18, 1934 by a vote of the Charleston City Council. However, the actual permission for such a "creation" came via statute in the South Carolina General Assembly in March of 1934.

We have come a long way in our society, our City and our personal relationships. Nevertheless, the need for Public housing still exists today. We have so much more to do before we can truly say, the job is done.

Donald J. Cameron
President/Chief Executive Officer
Housing Authority of the City of Charleston