From The Post and Courier:

Commentary: Designate land at 995 Morrison for affordable housing before it’s too late | Commentary |


Gentrification has driven African Americans out of their neighborhoods, and there is an urgent, if not dire, need for affordable and workforce housing, yet a recent editorial on 995 Morrison Drive urged Charleston County Council to move slowly on designating the property for exactly that purpose.

The Sept. 28 editorial cites two illogical reasons why council should proceed slowly. First, it cites the need for more financial information because of a county land deal that went bad 20 years ago. Second, it cites the need to wait until a draft is presented of a new county affordable housing plan. The fact is that council was not considering a specific deal but rather a deed restriction, a bold and visionary move in light of the urgent need for affordable housing in an ever-shrinking landscape.

The editorial argues against rushing to embrace Council Chairman Teddie Pryor’s idea by saying we need to fully understand the benefits of any project involving taxpayer dollars or assets, but that’s not the proposal that was being presented. What was actually discussed was the idea of designating the property for affordable and workforce housing in light of the recent housing trends that have been well-documented in The Post and Courier.