Housing Authority of the City of Charleston
Any person (citizen, resident, police officer or Housing Authority staff member) can request or recommend that a person be placed on the Housing Authority of the City of Charleston’s (CHA) Prohibited Persons List.  Upon this recommendation, the Charleston Police Department Public Housing (CPD-PH) Unit Supervisor or/and Director of Community Security(DSC) will conduct a background investigation on the person.
The person must be identified as an individual actively involved in violent or/and narcotics related criminal activity on or near a CHA property.  It is not required that the person have a previous arrest record relative to the Housing Authority Properties prior to being placed on the Prohibited Persons List.
The respective property manager will have final approval of this placement.  Should the person who is placed on the Prohibited Persons List disagree with the notice of placement, he/she can request a hearing with the respective property manager via a request by the resident he/she wishes to visit.  At this conference, the CPD-PH Unit Supervisor or DCS will present the documented information and data as to the placement with the person and the resident head of household present.
The property manager will render a decision within ten working days of the conference in writing to the requester and the resident.
The above criteria does not prohibit the resident from placing a person on trespass notice from visiting their own apartment.  Any resident head of household has the right and authority within the law to do so.  Therefore, the resident is not required to place a person on this list for their individual residences.
Should any person have questions in regards to the process or placement, they should contact Community Security Director Stephen Wright at  (843) 720-3692 (Office) or  (843) 343-3244 (Cell Phone).