Informal Hearing and Grievance Hearing Officers Update

In efforts to improve our hearing processes, the Housing Authority has partnered with the Charleston School of Law to allow second and third year law students to complete their pro bono certification at the Housing Authority. The law students will serve as Hearing Officers for terminations of assistance for the Housing Choice Voucher Program and tenancy for the public housing program. The students will not be compensated, are not employees of the Housing Authority and have no relation to the Public Housing or Housing Choice Voucher programs.

HUD regulations require the Authority to submit the names of the selected persons to you for review and comment.  The individuals will be presented to the Board of Commissioners pending notice and comment to all public housing residents and housing choice voucher participants at its regular monthly meeting:


Public Housing & Housing Choice Voucher


Zachary W. Morse


Please review the list and forward any comments in writing within the next 30 days to:

                        Mrs. Aris Hanchard Ferguson – General Counsel

                        Housing Authority of the City of Charleston

                        550 Meeting Street

                        Charleston, SC 29403

If you have any questions, please call the Executive Assistant to the General Counsel,

Ms. Cristal Smith at 843-720-3683.

Thank you.